Spring Break 2014

Wow! I can’t believe this semester is more than half-way over! My spring break was filled with adventure and new experiences. I enjoy exploring the areas around Orlando I haven’t seen yet, and this break I was able to visit a couple of Unique places in the Central Florida region.

Bok Tower Gardens

IMG_2948Located in Lake Wales Florida, this national historic landmark is a must see. Boasting 250 acres of gardens, this landmark was beautiful and calming to walk around. During our visit we walked around the gardens, ate lunch, toured the mansion, and listened to the carillon. This 60 bell carillon hosts international composers during its festival, which was coinciding with our visit. This carillon is one of three in the state of florida, and one of 600 of the world.

IMG_2940The playing of the carillon is somewhat of a piano, but the levers are stricken rather than pressed. There are wooden knobs instead of keys and the bells are then connected and struck with mallets. The carillonneur of the day was Tom Van Peer, of Belgium. Despite his visual impairment, Tom has performed in over 10 countries, and the King of Belgium. He played a Sonata in Romantic Style, and a tribute to Camille Saint-Saens. We were able to watch him play on a video screen provided, and hear the bells from around the park. It was a beautiful day to spend with my mom and my brother, touring the grounds and basking in the sunshine.


The Nina and the Pinta

IMG_2991On the Ponce Inlet, a sudden historical breeze twitched the sails. We visited the historical replicas of both of these ships during Daytona’s “Bike Week”. These replica ships showcased the type of ships Columbus sailed to America. Now, I have a problem with Columbus. He didn’t “discover America”. He didn’t even land on North America, he landed in the Bahamas. He left his crew to survive on the island and introduced disease to the natives. I just do not understand why we portray him as an American Icon when he really did not do anything useful.

The day was fun, we ate at a restaurant on a pier. We saw a ton of motorcycles.

Overall it was a very relaxing spring break. I worked on homework (who assigns projects over a break?!) and went to the pool when it was warm. What did you do for break?



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