The Snake

Since my Theory of Creative Writing Class has ended, I can finally post some of my work I wrote for the class! I wrote a variety of creative content including: non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. I have a few poems I would like to share, just because they were fun to write

I wrote this poem based on a poem we had to read in class. Unfortunately I cannot look up the author of the original poem because I sent my textbook back to the rental guys. So just imagine it was based on a poem.


The Snake

I have to kill the snake tomorrow. He’s conniving, and all around slimy

from head to toe, slicked with oil and the morning dew clinging to his scales.

The cats titter, hanging their paws against the cool concrete, swinging their tails like

a cuckoo clock. Meow Meow Meow. Small bellows of sound escape their windpipes,

producing warlike cries.

Out near the lake sits a banana tree, a pile of weeds in its shade.

That’s where he sits, like a loose garden hose, or better yet a popped bicycle tire,

treaded and worn out.

He slithers though the overgrown grass, plowing each blade with its sharp razor back.

He doesn’t belong here, near the house. Near the cats nor near the dogs.

I cannot go outside and catch him for he will laugh and stick his tongue out at me,

Ha you human.

I could try the shovel, or maybe the broom. Bring the sharped edge to his temple, slicing

through the flesh like an apple. Or perhaps set the neighbors dog on him, a puppy who

loves to pounce at anything that moves.

Alas, I cannot kill the black snake, for once I have killed him, I would have to dispose of

his body. A three foot long limp soy noodle would sit in my backyard, awaiting

the disposal of nature: Vultures. I cannot dispose of him,

therefore I should not kill him in the first place. Instead, I shall join my cats,

place the palms of my hands on the pavement, and shout war cries.



This poem is quite relevant because I saw two snakes yesterday; one in my backyard and another while I was riding my bike. I’m getting better around them– I didn’t scream when I saw it, but I did jump on top of my patio chair.

I’m thinking of putting together a monthly book review, or list for this blog. Like a online book club! I’ll post my July picks tomorrow, the first of the month.


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