Cookbook Challenge

It’s a Challenge!

I have a plethora of cookbooks. I reach into my wallet whenever I spot an unusual or fun cookbook. This has added up over the years to a grand total of over 50 cookbooks… And I haven’t even tried a recipe from some of them.

I’m one of those people who checks out cookbooks from the library to read, and never lifts a finger to try a recipe. Whenever I want to find a recipe I head over to food gawker. Why? Because it’s easier than searching through my mountain of books to find the perfect recipe.

That’s all about to change. This year, I invite you along as I cook through my culinary library. I will produce one dish per cookbook and post its results.

Here are the cookbooks I will be cooking from. If the post is highlighted, click the link to reveal the recipe.

Bon Appétit!


3 thoughts on “Cookbook Challenge

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