Review: Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™


Logging onto Influenster this month, I was asked to review a fun nail color from Sally Hansen. Of course I said, “Yes!”

Growing up in the kitchen, I would always look down at my naked nails. In both school and work, nail polish was not allowed. I got used to seeing the flesh color of my skin glisten through my nails.

Currently, I do not work in a professional kitchen– which means nail color is up for grabs!
nail color


I had tried Gel polish only once before; I had visited the salon and gotten my nails done before I visited Paris. The gel color stayed on for weeks; but it tore off my nail when it chipped. I was hesitant at the salon placing my hands under the UV light, knowing it’s harmful side-effects if held there too long.

I was excited to learn about Miracle gel; because it gave you long lasting nail color–without curing the my nails under a light.

My friend Andrea and I tried out the polish, painting our nails sitting on the bathroom floor. After knocking over the bottle and spilling some, we finally applied two coats of 330 Redgy. This color is flirty, fun, fabulous! We waited for our nails to dry–in between giggles about our nail polish expertise. I find it so hard to paint with my left hand! I ended up making a mess–Oops!

We then topped our red nails with the miracle gel top coat, and waited for our nails to dry. Our #MiracleMani s were looking fierce!

Normally with normal nail polish, my nails are chipped within hours. Although it’s not the prettiest, I’m too lazy to try and fix them–when I know they will chip again.


Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ boasts its nail wear to last up to 14 days. It’s been five days, and although it’s not as chipped as normal polish, it’s still shows wear and tear on the sides of the nails. It’s not to the point yet where I need to take it off, it’s just not as clean anymore.

Would I buy this again? Most likely. It’s color lasts a long time, and my nails still look beautiful.